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<div style="position:absolute; left:820; top:20; width:700px; height:295px; border:0; overflow:auto;> Friday, October 4th, 2002
1:51 pm
she's back from the dead!



did you miss her? :)

Sunday, November 25th, 2001

9:17 pm

just one little peep outta me before i continue my PC/Lj/AIM/ break :

my cowboy bepop wallpapers got accepted!

er. though they only accepted 5 out of the 15 i sent. erk? oh well, that's all right.

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9:09 pm
(taking a break)

Thursday, November 22nd, 2001

12:38 pm
okay, i've decided to do two CDs...one purely anime one, and another for the "normal" songs.

however, i'm sadly lacking in anime songs ~_~ i download all my stuff at morpheus, and i never seem to get good anime stuff on that.

if anyone could tell me good places to download anime songs...and the greatest christmas anime songs you've ever heard...i'd really like that :D

my personal fave is magic knight's rayearth, "merry christmas for you" or something. it's just the cuuuuuuuuuuutest~!

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2001

9:37 pm
suggestions are still welcome :D

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8:15 pm
the first thing you'll learn when you grow up that aside from friendship, love and sex, honesty itself is also highly overrated.

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12:57 pm
::sends out a telepathic message to will::








::sends out a telepathic kick while she's at it::

baka -_-;

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10:48 am
okay everyone, i'm thinking of making a christmas CD to send to people :D you know, something like, "miyazu's christmas collection" with snazzy covers and all.

i know ron said that i should charge people for it.......buuuuuuut...it's christmas! how can i do that? ^^;

but first, i need songs to put on the CD. about 16. any suggestions?

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10:44 am
waking up this morning was simply horrid. this is a bit beyond a cold, i think. it feels like half of my face is stuck in cotton, and the top of my nose feels like cork. so i think it could be sinusitis.

and my sleeping position must have been slightly off, because my lower left hip feels funny. egah.


talked to nix last night, about college and scholarships. she says she knows of a place that can help students study in america. i should have more faith in my country's capabilities anyway, right?

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2001

3:18 pm :: new icons for jammi :D ::

new icons, done.

they've got a few mistakes, but i've been working on them since earlier this morning. my computer has been crapping out on me so much lately, i think i've been pushing it too hard.

anyway, i still like these icons. i used a new font i found, that's even smaller and thinner than my faithful sevenet 7. it's called...small font, hehehe.

and yes, they're bit and pieces of lyrics from semisonic songs. semisonic is one of my faaaaaaaaaaaav bands.

looking for a skies of arcadia FAQ or game guide to print out. while i have no problem with the normal battles, i have a bitch of a time with the ship ones. i got absolutely stuck because i couldn't get past this general. eeeerrrrrggghhh.

and yaaaaaaay~! my layout piccie is working again~!


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2:33 pm
ergh, my layout isn't working because the space that i'm using to host the pic ain't working right ^^; oh well.

still working on the rei icons, wheeeeeee...

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11:51 am :: do you know where you're going to? ::

taking a break from the scholarship searching. i have my top 3 college choices, now i just have to work on how to get there. hrm.

but, like i said, i'm taking a break. my head can't take much more. i'll wait until my father comes home next week, and then he can help me figure this out. besides, it's HIS money anyway. i'm not entirely sure how much my father makes in a year.

i finally put up a new layout~! It's the first time i've ever tried a side scrolling layout. tell me what you guys think?

yes, that's rei ayanami you see there. while i like asuka more in the series, it's hard to tell who i like better in the manga. yes, the original picture's from the manga. sadamoto-san does an excellent job, and i just love this particular picture.

while i was looking at rei, the song just popped in my mind. she just looked so...sad. regretful.

i added a bit of a filter, chopped it up, and here we are :D i'm annoyed at how long it takes to download but...oh well ~_~;

okay, now, let's work on rei icons XD

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9:24 am
Dear International Prospective Student,

Unfortunately, we are unable to do much for you in regards to financial
or scholarships. U.S. federal and State financial assistance, which is
primary source of funds, is not available for international students.
Furthermore, all international students must be able to show sufficient
funding for a years's stay before they enter the United states. We must
a Certification of Finances on file proving $27,000 is available for
support. This information will be sent to you as soon as you send us
application form and fees. As soon as you complete your file, we will
an I-20 that will allow you to apply for your F-1(student) visa from
U.S. Embassy in your home country and begin studies at the Academy.
What I suggest for you to do is to research financial aid in your home
country. You should be looking for grants, scholarships and private,
corporate, sponsorship. Below is a compilation of financial aid
available to international students.

The Academy of Art College can help to make your future into what you
it to be. I wish you luck!

er. well. ::sigh::

at least she gave me a truckload of links...though i think perhaps the best best would be to get help from my own government.

but my government sucks. bigtime. grrrrrr.

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12:23 am
still searching for scholarships and colleges...been at it for about six hours now. my head REALLY hurts now, as you can imagine ^^;

we offer only blah blah loans to blah blah students...for international student you can blah blah loans...search for scholarships in your area...scholarships are merit-based...scholarship is only applicable if...blah blah blah...name? address?...while blah blah college is merit-based, talent and potential are also important...e-mail? country?...are you applying for financial aid?

make the hurting stop -_-;

anyway, i'd like to thank cyberknight, bludstone and migoto for all your wonderful help :D

aaaaaaawwww, and this is just so sweet ^________^

.........::jammi slumps over and slams her head on the keyboard::

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Monday, November 19th, 2001

9:00 pm

been searching for colleges today. i do NOT understand how this scholarship thang works.

i've got a headache ._.

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3:45 pm
my right eye keeps on twitching funny when i'm on my computer. it's been like this since yesterday...which is why i've been trying to stay away from this screen as much as i can. i really should get one of those anti-glare thingamabobs.

my mom and i had a brief discussion about my education plans. she thought i was taking up "graphic animation", not "graphic design". there's an over-priced college nearby that offers graphic animation. it seems interesting, but it's focus is on video game development and programming. even though i love programming, it's not something i want to do for the rest of my life.

we dropped by the mall to see the presentation for the college anyway. i went went to the presentation not out of any real curiousity, but because i wanted to hang out with my mother for a while.

they started an hour late, and there was this annoying lady. she was actually pretty good at her job, but i would have taken her more seriously if her eyelashes didn't look like they were going to fall off at any second. i have never seen such a horrid fake-ness. and her hair was bleached in this horrid color, and her pupils were this sick color of bright brown. and she kept on boring those fake eyes into my own, and that was just creepy.

and while i told her that yes, i might be interested, i wouldn't be enrolling this January because i was taking a year off from college.

then she started talking to my mother as if i wasn't there, saying things like, "you know, once a child stops going to school, she'll have a tendency to not start up again."

everyone in this country has the idea that taking a year off is a damn sin of sorts. all the other mothers and high school students gave me this look. i had the urge to pick up the nearby christmas tree decorations and give them a good wack. with one of those spikey green boughs. the one with a lot of pointy christmas lights wrapped around it. bwa-hahahahaha.

my mom said, "no, she really needs her rest. she'll go back to school, i know that."

i'm glad my mother has faith in me. and of course i'll go back to school. i know it's important, i know it's the only way i can get a good job.

anyway, so today we brought up the topic of college again.

"your father says that graphic animation is all about programming. and i took a look at the curriculum, and he was right!"

i was pretty much half asleep at that point (we were having the discussion in my room), so i don't remember what i replied with. and then i said :

"mom, if i a get a scholarship for a school in america, would you let me go?"

"you really want to take graphic animation?"

"mom, it's graphic design."

"......you get that scholarship and we'll see about it."

ooooookay. so i'm aiming for a college in california, since my best friend is there. i decided that if i was going to the other side of the world, i might as well plant myself somewhere on my bestest bud's side, ne?

kirisi says i should get one that's not merit-based, but talent-based. i don't give a damn what kenchan says, because he's eternally pessimistic, and has no idea how to support me in anything.

if anyone could give any advice or suggestions, i'd be really thankful for it :D

damn, that was a long post.

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Friday, November 16th, 2001

6:35 pm
music has been good to me. yeah.

been downloading tracy chapman like a mad woman. i saw the video from this song, and i was blown away. she is now officially my idol.

i'd bold the words that i thought struck me true, but then the whole song would be in bold, so that wouldn't do any good.

telling stories
by tracy chapman

there is fiction in the space between
the lines on your page of memories
write it down but it doesn't mean
you're not just telling stories
there is fiction in the space between
you and me

there is fiction in the space between
you and reality
you will do and say anything
to make your everyday life
seem less mundane
there is fiction in the space between
you and me

there's a science fiction in the space between
you and me
a fabrication of a grand scheme
where I am the scary monster
i eat the city and as I leave the scene
in my spaceship I am laughing
in your remembrance of your bad dream
there's no one but you standing

leave the pity and the blame
for the ones who do not speak
you write the words to get respect and compassion
and for posterity
you write the words and make believe
there is truth in the space between

there is fiction in the space between
you and everybody
give us all what we need
give us one more sad sordid story
but in the fiction of the space between
sometimes a lie is the best thing
sometimes a lie is the best thing

current mood: healing.

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Thursday, November 15th, 2001

10:32 pm
just when you thought things couldn't get worse.

current mood: dying.

1:53 pm
dammit all.

i'm just. so. tired.

current mood: depressed

Wednesday, November 14th, 2001

11:59 pm
did a new layout for my baby. totally different from what i usually do. it's not THAT great, but i find it cute. heh.

in other news?

people suck. really.

current mood: disappointed

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