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miyazu the kinky ninja penguin
29 December
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Q: ack?! why am i off miyazu's friend list?

A: okay, i am (embarassingly) familiar with the ridiculous sense of rejection when someone takes me off their list. and i really don't want to inflict that on anyone intentionally. it's a sucky feeling.

did you miss this post? well then, comment there, and let me know you want me to keep you on my list :D

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mr. webster defines mi�ya�zu

kin�ky \'ki?-ke\
adj kink�i�er; -est (1844) 1. closely twisted or curled <~hair> 2. relating to, having, or appealing to bizarre or unconventional tastes esp. in sex; also: sexually deviant 3. OUTLANDISH, FAROUT -.

nin�ja \n�n-j�\
n a member of a group of mercenaries in feudal Japan who are trained in stealth and the martial arts and employed as spies, saboteurs, or assassins.

pen�guin \'pen-gw�n, ' pen-\
n [origin unknown] (1586) : any of various erect - short legged flightless aquatic birds (family spheniscidae) of the southern hemisphere.

/me-y�-z�/ 1. the kinky ninja penguin 2. maker of livejournal icons 3. college student who spends her meager savings on renting and collecting anime 4. lover of life, hugs, friends and family 5. nyargh & bleargh � miyazu 6. Goddess Of All That Is Good And Kinky 7. a girl who firmly believes that ninja penguins dance underneath her bathroom sink (they love doing the mumbo)

okay, okay, I dun want anyone to be unoriginal and steal my penguins anymore...so from now on, my dancing ninja penguins, and my own nick (miyazu the kinky ninja penguin) are copyrighted to me, as of the year 2001. er, blame kenNY for this copyright idea ;P

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